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FRONTLINE® – Social Media Management

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FRONTLINE is the #1 consumer pet healthcare brand in the world, but this status was not reflected in the number of fans and followers within the social media platforms. The brand was understandably reluctant to push social without a robust methodology to handle pharmacovigilance and customer service queries, out of hours.


eCollective developed a social media strategy, coupled with a 365 day coverage plan. We created a social media protocol document to cover any eventuality including pharmacovigilance, compliance and escalation protocols. Once all the basics were in place we then set about growing the fan base on FB and launching IG with a mix of entertaining, educating, inspirational and inspiring pet content, quizzes, competitions and how to tips and tricks.


We have tripled the FB fan base and engagement is at 15%, the highest amongst the brand’s competitors.  IG is growing at 881%. eCollective launched a social media presence that has positioned the brand as a go-to hub for the pet owning community.

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